Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Three-Year Degree program?
    The Three-Year Degree program is a unique program which allows a student the opportunity to earn a degree at Mississippi State University in three years rather than the traditional four years. This program will give a student the ability to join the workforce a year earlier or pursue an advanced degree.
  • Who can participate in the Three-Year Degree program?
    Any student admitted to Mississippi State University may participate in the Three-Year Degree program. Students who are academically talented, highly motived and hard-working are students who may want to consider the Three-Year Degree program.
  • How does a student know if this program is correct for them?
    The Three-Year Degree program may be perfect for you. But a student who is interested in the program should consider their academic goals and the program requirements before making the decision. A student in the Three-Year Degree program will be taking heavy academic course loads which may pose a challenge to the degree plan. A student who is planning to participate in extracurricular activities while pursuing their degree may want to decide whether the Three-Year Degree program is appropriate for them or the more traditional four year degree program.
  • Can Mississippi State University guarantee that a student will complete the degree in three year?
    Mississippi State University cannot guarantee that a student will complete the degree in Three years but every accommodation will be made within reason to facilitate a student’s plan to complete the Three-Year Degree Program. The completion of the degree will depend on each student and the number and type of earned college credit brought in at the time of enrollment, the motivation of each student and the determination of each student to complete the specific degree requirements.
  • How does a student apply?
    A student will make application to the Three-Year Degree program in the same manner as a regular student through the Office of Admissions and Scholarships. There is no different Admissions process to the Three-Year Degree program.
  • Can a student start this program as a transfer student?
    Yes. A transfer student may start the Three-Year Degree program but is encouraged to work with the Academic Advisor for the program of study which he or she is interested in to see what earned college credits may transfer into the curriculum. These specific transfer credits will determine if the student will complete the degree in the specified Three Years.
  • What if a student decides to stay at MSU longer?
    If a student decides that the Three-Year Degree program is not for them, then staying at Mississippi State University is still an option. Some students find that the college experience is so rewarding that they decide to broaden their experience while here.
  • What benefits does the Three-Year Degree program have?
    A student has the possibility of entering the workforce early which allows them to graduate sooner with less debt. It could also allow a student to pursue a graduate degree more quickly.
  • How will a student complete the degree?
    The Three-Year Degree programs are designed where a student will attend six regulars semesters and two summer semesters, depending on the program of study chosen and prior college credits earned.
  • How much will a student save?
    How much a student will save, depends on the college credits earned prior to enrollment and the choice of major.
  • What scholarships are available?
    The same scholarship opportunities are available to students in the Three-Year Degree program as the traditional four year degree students. A student will need to complete the scholarship application with the Office of Admissions and Scholarships.
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